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Steve McNamara

What Motivates Me...

The professional growth of my team and the company–seeing the fruits of hard work and individual success is not just gratifying, but also essential for our long-term success.

Steve has been a key member of the TG Gallagher team since 2016. As a Project Executive, he is entrusted with balancing immediate project needs with the overarching strategic vision of TG Gallagher—while meticulously overseeing project timelines, budgets, and team performances. 

A significant part of Steve’s role is managing client relationships. By translating client aspirations into actionable project goals, he can craft a collaborative relationship where TG Gallagher’s expertise becomes the catalyst for fostering successful project outcomes.

Steve’s stewardship has been instrumental in shaping many of the company’s flagship projects. To both peers and clients, he embodies the diligent planning, commitment, and spirit of excellence that are the hallmarks of TG Gallagher.

Steve graduated from Bridgewater State College with a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management.