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Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Using the latest software and technology, our VDC capabilities offer clients a detailed and accurate visualization of project outcomes by enabling project teams to see the scope, design, functionality, and serviceability before construction starts. This allows for informed decisions to be made and the ability to adapt to changes in a logical and efficient manner.

Collaborative Approach

Our BIM department collaborates seamlessly with architects and engineers, transforming initial concepts into detailed construction drawings for HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems. By integrating directly with the Design team’s platforms, we work in unison within the same Revit environment, ensuring real-time collaboration and coherence.

Model Management

Our BIM department offers an innovative approach to 3D modeling, creating detailed and accurate virtual models. Utilizing innovative software, our team will detect spatial constraints between MEP systems and building structure. This allows us to collaborate with the design and construction teams to identify and resolve potential conflicts before actual construction begins.

Safety-Centric Planning

3D coordination allows us to plan around safety logistics, mapping equipment installations where access is optimized and enabling us to visualize and assess the clearance requirements. This approach not only enhances safety, but also minimizes risks associated with critical errors during construction.

Man looking at computer screens, working with Building Information Modeling technology

Prefab Planning

Utilizing the BIM model, we determine optimal skid sizing and installation methods, ensuring a seamless construction process. We identify precise rigging points for shafts and risers, strategically incorporating them into the building's structure. Leveraging the capabilities of SysQue, we produce detailed drawings for prefabrication.

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Computer screen showing Building Information Modeling technology

Ongoing Technological Advancements

To enhance our BIM processes, we are in constant communication with vendors and manufacturers regarding the latest technological advancements. We have a team dedicated to using our 3D laser scanner to collect existing jobsite conditions and incorporate them into the 3D models. Using Trimble Total stations in the field integrated with our BIM models, we can more accurately layout equipment and systems for installation. In the field, we provide our teams with BIM Boxes with the latest suite of software and access to the latest VDC model.

Make Informed Decisions

By enabling clients to see the project's scope, design, and functionality before construction starts, we can make informed decisions and adapt to changes efficiently. Our seamless collaboration and VDC integration streamline the workflow, reducing the likelihood of delays and uncertainty during the construction process.

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