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Dedicated to Safety

Our top priority is the safety of everyone involved in our operations. Every day, we focus on making sure that our team, clients, and subcontractors work in a secure environment. This commitment to safety is a fundamental aspect of how we operate, guided by our principles of honesty and integrity.

Proactive Safety Measures

We take a proactive approach to safety, integrating our teams from the project’s inception. Our safety practices include pre-task planning, hazard analysis, weekly safety walks, and audits. Open communication and active participation are not just encouraged; they are required.

Expertise from the Ground Up

Each project benefits from the presence of specialized safety personnel who are a part of the project from the early planning stages and are tasked with implementing and overseeing site-specific safety protocols all the way through project completion.

Our safety strategy is reinforced through ongoing training sessions designed for the unique demands of various industries and trades. This includes targeted instruction in areas such as lift and equipment operation, rigger and signalperson roles, emergency response protocols, and confined space safety, all to ensure our team operates with the highest safety standards.

In addition to on-site safety oversight, we regularly conduct industry-specific safety programs to keep our teams up-to-date with the latest safety standards and practices. Our educational initiatives extend to Safety Talks and weekly Toolbox Talks, designed to reinforce a culture of safety awareness and preparedness at every level of our operations.

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Awards & Recognition

Our relentless focus on safety hasn't gone unnoticed. We're proud recipients of multiple awards, including the AGC MA Merit Award, the AGC MA Safety Award, the Highwire Gold Safety Award, and the MCAA Safety Award.

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Rigorous Auditing and Testing

Our safety regimen includes both job site and prefabrication shop safety audits, quarterly fleet safety audits, and drug and alcohol testing as part of our comprehensive hazard identification and correction process.

Safety is Our Number One Priority

In every project, safety isn't just a goal – it's integrated in every facet of every project. Reach out to us today and discover how TG Gallagher can contribute to building not just structures, but also a culture of safety and responsibility.

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