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Prefabrication Driven by Innovation

Our focus is on efficiency, quality, and technological innovation. With specialized tools, machinery, and advanced software technologies, we are able to optimize how materials are procured, tracked, and installed.

Our collaborative approach with other subcontractors opens doors to multi-trade prefabrication. This method not only enhances project efficiency but also contributes significantly to the evolving field of modularization. By integrating various trades into a cohesive strategy, we offer our clients a level of efficiency and coordination that traditional construction methods simply cannot match.

Commitment to Prefab

As soon as we are awarded a project, our team begins the prefab planning process. Mechanical systems are broken down into skids, racks, or prefabbed assemblies. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified prefab shop is 70,000 square feet, sitting on over 7 acres of land. This space equips us with enhanced offsite storage capabilities and enables us to increase prefabrication volume, ensuring project sites run lean and deliveries arrive on site just-in-time.

Sustainability Meets Prefabrication

Our prefabrication services do more than just save time and money—they also align with sustainability goals. Off-site construction minimizes traffic, material waste, and on-site trash. We’re proud to say that our approach reduces total waste by a significant 20%, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

Man in construction gear, drilling into piece of equipment

Prefab and Safety

Our prefab shop prioritizes both efficiency and safety. Our ergonomic-friendly shop features specialized stations for various tasks, like welding and pipe cutting, which decreases sprains and strains. This controlled environment ensures responsible material handling, a clean workspace, and an efficient layout, contributing to a working environment that is 7 times safer than typical job sites.

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By the Numbers

icon of forklift70,000Sq Ft Prefab Shop
icon for recycling20%Waste Reduction
icon of a globe, with a shield7xSafer Environment
icon of a certificateISO9001:2015 Certified

Need Specialized Fabrication?

Visit our sister company, MMS, for more information on how they can craft and deliver a customized solution that suits your building.

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