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Seamus Ward

What Motivates Me...

Providing service and solutions for clients and helping others grow in their careers; the fast pace, field-first mentality and collaborative environment make TGG a place like no other.

With an analytical mind, a keen understanding of the construction landscape, and a profound respect for client vision, Seamus plays an instrumental role in shaping projects that are both visionary and feasible.

He ensures that every project TG Gallagher undertakes not only aligns with financial expectations but also upholds the standards of quality the company is known for.

By working closely with project managers, architects, suppliers, and engineers, Seamus can help craft estimates that reflect a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope and nuances. This 360-degree approach ensures transparency, reduces unforeseen costs and builds client trust.

For clients and colleagues alike, Seamus exemplifies the commitment, precision, and forward-thinking that drive TG Gallagher’s success in the construction arena.

Seamus has been with TGG since 2013 and has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.