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Mike Doucette

What Motivates Me...

The family-like atmosphere where everyone genuinely cares about each other; I work with an amazing group of people.

Starting his career at TG Gallagher in 2010, Mike has always brought a blend of technical mastery and customer-centric focus to his job. He ensures that the company’s post-project commitments are met with the same vigor and precision as its initial construction.

At the helm of the service department, Mike oversees a dedicated team of Technicians and professionals, guiding them through routine maintenance tasks, emergency repairs, and scheduled inspections. This role demands not just an understanding of the mechanical intricacies of the projects TGG undertakes but also a deep appreciation for the client relationships that the company cherishes.

Mike’s day-to-day responsibilities encompass a spectrum of tasks, from resource allocation and scheduling to troubleshooting and quality assurance. Moreover, with an ever-evolving landscape of technologies and methodologies, he ensures continuous training and upskilling, positioning TG Gallagher’s service team at the forefront of today’s best practices.

Accreditations and Licenses

  • Refrigeration Contractors License