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What Motivates Me...

My desire to excel in what I do and the culture. I have been a part of the TGG team for half of my life and I have worked with and met some truly great people and made many lifelong friends.

As a Plumbing BIM Manager, Mike oversees the coordination of plumbing systems and offers guidance and support as needed. With over 20 years of experience at TG Gallagher, Mike’s industry expertise is unmistakable, establishing him as a standout member of the team.

Mike is responsible for crafting, shaping, and executing group structures to optimize team efficiency. He plays a pivotal role in designing, shaping, and implementing standards, BIM processes, and procedures. Additionally, Mike helps cultivate his team through training and mentoring.

In addition to his technical skills, Mike possesses a deep appreciation for the value of collaboration. In close partnership with architects, engineers, and construction teams, Mike ensures that all stakeholders involved in a project gain a comprehensive and unified understanding of the site’s intricacies. This collaborative approach minimizes obstacles and expensive revisions, which enhances the efficiency of the construction process.

Mike joined TG Gallagher back in 2000 as a truck driver and has since worked his way up to become Plumbing BIM Manager.