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John Fragnoli

What Motivates Me...

The drive for efficiency and openness to innovation–it's the team's united push towards the same goals that sets our company apart.

The role of a Survey and Layout Manager is crucial; it’s the first step in transforming architectural visions into tangible realities. John’s expertise ensures that every measurement, every marker, and every layout plan is meticulously accurate, forming a robust base upon which the rest of the construction process hinges.

Beyond the technical aspects, he brings a profound understanding of the importance of collaboration. By working closely with architects, engineers, and construction teams, John ensures that all project stakeholders have a clear and shared understanding of a site’s nuances. This harmonized approach eliminates potential snags and costly revisions, streamlining the construction phase.

John has been instrumental in reinforcing TG Gallagher’s reputation for precision and excellence with the projects he has worked on. Colleagues regard John as a paragon of dedication and expertise, setting benchmarks not just in accuracy but in collaborative construction excellence.

John joined TG Gallagher in 2020. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology.