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What Motivates Me...

I take pride in delivering top-tier customer service and it's always rewarding when clients call us back because we made the entire process seamless and enjoyable for them.

Greg Mackesy started his career at TG Gallagher as a Project Manager in March 2021. He began by leading his team on short-term projects, both lump sum and design assist, and has since taken on more long-term projects. His commitment to client satisfaction has created a foundation of trust and reliability.

Greg’s career in construction began in January of 2002. He was an Assistant Superintendent during the cleanup/recovery of the World Trade Center. This experience led to his involvement in the award-winning reconstruction of Columbus Circle in New York City.

Greg regularly collaborates with engineers, architects, and other building specialists at TGG. He builds strong relationships with major clients, prioritizing their needs with excellent customer service. Greg is also an advocate for staff development, equipping project team members with the skills and knowledge to excel.