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Brian Mason

What Motivates Me...

The satisfaction of our end-user–our work at TG Gallagher plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare, research, and education. The company's camaraderie and shared goal is truly rewarding.

As a Project Executive, Brian brings a combination of seasoned expertise and innovative vigor. His intuitive grasp of the mechanics of construction and an unwavering commitment to project success make him a standout at TGG.

His role as a Project Executive is more than just leading teams and driving timelines; it’s about painting a bigger picture where every detail, no matter how minute, fits perfectly. He is tasked with balancing budget constraints, quality expectations, and stringent timelines across all of his projects. He adeptly navigates the challenges of the industry, ensuring that every project milestone is not just met but surpassed.

With an open and approachable demeanor, Brian helps manage client expectations by translating their ideas and aspirations into actionable plans. This collaborative spirit ensures that every project isn’t just a structure but a shared goal realized.

Brian graduated from Mass Maritime Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Facilities Engineering and has been with TGG since 2014.