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  • Location Boston, MA
  • Vertical Healthcare
  • Capability HVAC
  • Delivery Method Mechanical Prime

TG Gallagher successfully replaced a second AHU at Mass General Hospital, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the facility's HVAC systems.

About this Project

Mass General Hospital’s Gray and Jackson buildings, located in Boston, are interconnected buildings dedicated to inpatient treatment and medical research. The hospital’s management aimed to replace AHU-2 to enhance the HVAC infrastructure in these facilities.  

This replacement marked the second phase of a two-part air handler unit (AHU) upgrade, following last year’s installation of a new Air Enterprises AHU by TG Gallagher to replace AHU-1, while the existing AHU-2 continued serving these buildings.  

TGG constructed the new unit during the winter, installing systems for low-pressure steam and condensate, as well as chilled water supply and return. This knockdown unit needed to be hoisted on pallets to a height of 15 stories and then assembled, piece by piece, within the mechanical area. The snowy and windy weather caused delays in hoisting the AHU to the roof, pushing the project schedule back several weeks.  

The team was determined to have the unit operational prior to May 29th and worked a handful of consecutive weekend shifts to recover lost time, ultimately completing the installation and serving the Gray and Jackson buildings two weeks ahead of schedule. 

In Collaboration With

  • Owner Mass General Brigham
  • Engineer BR+A