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  • Location Watertown, MA
  • Vertical Higher Education
  • Capability Service
  • Delivery Method Design Build

The Service Division delivered swift, safe solutions while minimizing disruptions at a Watertown educational institution.

About this Project

TG Gallagher’s Service Division has been a service and maintenance partner for an educational institution in Watertown, MA. When one of their buildings experienced a critical system malfunction, the TGG team quickly stepped in.

Originating from a central boiler utility plant, the building’s heating system was reliant on underground distribution piping. A failure at the midpoint of the underground infrastructure of this heating system prompted swift action. Within 24 hours of the malfunction, TGG was able to mobilize temporary heating equipment and restore operations for the school. The team immediately contracted a design firm to engineer an independent heating plant for this specific building. TGG prefabricated all of the piping and pump assemblies to support the new boiler plant.

This dedication to promptness and professionalism resonated with the client, who commended TGG for their adaptive solutions, quick response times, and commitment to safety—especially in an environment with students. A safety specialist was present during the replacement riggings, ensuring all safety protocols were adhered to.

In Collaboration With

  • Owner Educational Institution in Watertown, MA