Our Commitment to Safety

TG Gallagher is committed to make sure that every person who works with us returns home safely every day.  We care deeply about our people and their families and are vigilant about ensuring the safest possible work environment.

We place the highest value on our people and their safety. The well-being of our employees, clients, and subcontractors comes first, and we embody honesty and integrity in this pursuit. We require active employee and subcontractor participation while integrating our clients’ requirements and expectations, and we hold ourselves responsible and accountable for our safety performance. 


Safety Highlights

• Development, distribution, and implementation of safety procedures.
• Continuing education and training for TGG field personnel and project managers.
• Tool Box Talks.
• Accident and incident investigation programs.
• Corrective actions and lessons learned programs.
• Driving safety programs.
• Drug and alcohol testing.
• Extensive hazard identification and correction process.
• Jobsite safety audits.