MIT Kresge

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Boston, Massachusetts

Designed by noted architect Eero Saarinen, the Kresge Auditorium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is internationally renowned and a prime example of a minimalist thin-shell concrete structure. The building provides a home for MIT’s performance facilities as well as space for the MIT Music and Theater Arts programs to practice.  The overarching dome shape of the auditorium allows for no interior supports, therefore each of the 1,132 seats in the performance hall has a perfect view. 

TG Gallagher collaborated with the academic institution to rehabilitate the building’s HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems to bring them up to modern day standards without affecting the historic value and aesthetic of the structure.  Due to the shape of the building, TG Gallagher employed the unique technique of curving lengths of copper pipe to match the dome radius and using a propress to connect them.  The upgrades to the building allow for a more enjoyable experience for its inhabitants, as well as greater energy efficiency.  



Architect: N/A
Engineer: EYP
General Contractor: Lee Kennedy Co.