BU Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering Building

Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

Taking the place of an existing surface parking lot, BU’s new Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering Building (CILSE) will be a nine floor building located directly next to the Morse Auditorium.  Once completed, the building will house research lab space, faculty offices, administration spaces, a seminar room, conference and meeting rooms, computer labs, a courtyard, and bicycle parking spaces.  Most of the core faculty for the Systems Neuroscience and Synthetic Biology are currently scattered around campus, and this project will remedy the situation by providing coordinated space as a centralized location for these faculty members.  At full capacity, the building will be able to house approximately 160 researchers and 270 graduate students in addition to various post-doctoral students and staff.   

TG Gallagher is responsible for installing the HVAC system in the new building.  In an effort to aggressively manage the tight schedule, TG Gallagher prefabbed all welded pipe, equipment skids, pipe and duct risers, VAVs, coil connections, and hangers.  Since the pump skids were prepared early on, TG Gallagher encased them in shrink wrap to protect them from the weather before installing them at a later date.  The VAVs that TG Gallagher prefabbed were taken to the next level with Siemens installing their controls at our fab shop, as well as programming and testing.

In keeping with BU’s consistent sustainability efforts, the project is working towards LEED certification. 



Architect: Payette
Engineer: ARUP
General Contractor: Turner Construction