BU Theatre

Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

Commonwealth Avenue will soon boast a 250-seat studio theatre and production spaces with the addition of BU’s new performance facility.  The building will house production spaces such as scenery, prop, and costume shops, as well as faculty offices and teaching spaces, therefore uniting the theater community by combining the previously separated design and production spaces with the theatre and opera performance programs.

Continuing their decades long relationship with BOND, TG Gallagher was brought on the team to install the HVAC system in the new theater. At the heart of the theatre is a modular chiller plant that houses two 125 ton chillers, three CW pumps, three CHW pumps, two HW pumps, one FC pump, two boilers, and a fully packaged control system with a refrigeration monitoring system.  The entire chiller plant was prefabricated at TG Gallagher’s prefab facility and was rigged on site in four packaged sections.  Taking the initiative to prefabricate to such an extent allowed TG Gallagher to complete the entire mechanical room offsite. 



Architect: Elkus Manfredi
Engineer: Vanderweil
General Contractor: BOND