9-13A Ware Street

Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Conveniently located near Harvard’s Law, Divinity, and Design Schools, 9-13A Ware Street provides housing for faculty, staff, and graduate students. The 97-unit residential building was built in 1929 when fire protection systems were not required. To improve life safety for their tenants, Harvard University underwent a campus-wide project to install fire protection systems within their campus apartments. TG Gallagher installed a new sprinkler system throughout the building, including residential units, common spaces, and laundry. The building remained fully occupied, so careful planning was required to mitigate any tenant inconvenience during construction. Acting as the prime contractor, TG Gallagher was responsible for all site logistics and communication, cutting and patching, and full cleanup at the end of each work day.

Architect: n/a
Engineer: Hughes Associates
General Contractor: TG Gallagher (Mechanical Prime)