The question is not what can we prefab - but is there anything we can't?

Our 45,000 SF fabrication facility provides us the opportunity to prefab everything possible.

We take risks, have big ideas, and are relentlessly curious. We are dedicated to proving that you can improve anything.

We see massive opportunity to be the industry leader and to shape the future of modularization. From plasma cutting machines to advance mock-ups, you will see it all as you explore our shop. 


How it Works

Our coordination team will begin their work at the time of the award. Once the progress drawings are available our coordinator will begin coordination immediately. The coordination effort is our first opportunity to explore and maximize prefabrication opportunities for the project. Our prefabrication facility enables us to start work off-site as soon as detailed drawings are available. As coordination drawings are complete and approved they will be downloaded to our Trimble Total Station, which provides pinpoint accurate layouts.