Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


A Message from our President


Since the founding of TG Gallagher in 1940, respect and integrity have been the cornerstones for how we approach all aspects of business.  We believe we do more than construction and service; we help create spaces that transform people’s lives.  Our goal is to be the best, and to accomplish this we must surround ourselves with the best.   

The importance of cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace is invaluable.  Diversity amongst our employees, partners, clients, suppliers, and communities brings forth unique perspectives and ideas.  It allows creativity to flow freely, and collaboration to be organic.  We strive to create an inclusive culture where individuals are comfortable and proud to bring their authentic selves to work each day.  By having a well-rounded TGG community, our team is empowered to perform at their very best.   

In addition to our workplace, we also value diversity among all businesses that we collaborate with. We are actively networking and building relationships with project partners that share like-minded philosophies and values.   

While the importance of diversity equity and inclusion has been inherent since our beginnings, we recognize there is always room for growth and improvement.  We are committed to continuously enhancing our practices, to ensure our efforts align with our values, both internally and externally.  Whether it is our recruiting strategy, vendor partnerships, or philanthropic efforts, TGG is dedicated to propelling our industry forward. 


Brian Potter 

President & CEO 



TG Gallagher is committed to providing opportunities for all