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Madalyn Sullivan

What Motivates Me...

Experiencing the growth of our department and knowing the difference we make–the people I work with are what I cherish the most about the company.

In an industry where every decision carries weight and every action impacts outcomes, Madalyn firmly anchors TG Gallagher’s commitment to safety. Combining deep industry knowledge with a proactive approach to risk management, she ensures that every project is executed with the utmost regard for health, safety, and environmental standards.

The role of a Safety Manager is pivotal, intertwining with every phase of every project. But for Madalyn, it’s not just about compliance—it’s about cultivating a culture where safety is second nature. Through comprehensive risk assessments, regular safety audits, and continuous training programs, she ensures that every team member is not only equipped with the knowledge to operate safely but is also instilled with a sense of responsibility towards their colleagues and the broader community.

Madalyn’s proactive approach extends beyond the confines of TG Gallagher. By engaging with industry associations, attending safety conferences, and staying well-versed in national safety trends, she ensures that the TGG’s safety protocols are always a step ahead, reflecting best practices from around the world.

Accreditations and Licenses

  • Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) certification (pending)

Member of

  • American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP)