Windstream Data Center

Windstream Corporation
Boston, Massachusetts

A leading provider of advanced network communications, Windstream Corporation provides businesses and homeowners with an array of network communication, data, and voice solutions.  To keep their data center equipment running at peak performance it was crucial for Windstream to make small changes to increase efficiency.  Windstream’s IT infrastructure was housed in an environment that was providing inadequate cooling and had no mechanical system redundancy. TG Gallagher being no stranger to the facility, as they originally installed the mechanical systems in the early 1990’s, suggested solutions to increase the data centers cooling capacity to allow for redundancy without stretching Windstream’s budget.

Impressed with their expertise and budget friendly recommendations, Windstream hired TG Gallagher as a mechanical prime to perform the mechanical system upgrades.  While the systems were being upgraded, TG Gallagher brought in temporary cooling units to provide redundancy for the duration of the project. Close coordination with Windstream and the City of Boston was required to facilitate rigging operations and access to the site. As completion neared, TG Gallagher got the operating staff trained and familiar with the new equipment to ensure a smooth transition at turnover.


Architect: N/A
Engineer: RDK Engineers
General Contractor: TG Gallagher