Academic Campus Boiler Plant

Simmons College
Boston, Massachusetts

For more than a century, Simmons College has been located in the heart of Boston and has provided undergraduate liberal arts and science studies exclusively for women. Simmons College is committed to “greening” their campuses. To help reach their sustainability goals, the academic campus underwent upgrades to replace some of their outdated and inefficient mechanical equipment. Continuing its longstanding relationship with Simmons College and Lee Kennedy Co., TG Gallagher provided design-assist HVAC services to upgrade the academic campus’central boiler plant. The existing boiler plant was comprised of six 100hp boilers. TG Gallagher removed three of the outdated boilers and the condensate receiver, and installed two new 150hp high-efficiency boilers as well as a condensate feed water tank.

To complete the boiler plant upgrades, Simmons College retained TG Gallagher to design-build the installation of three new boilers and de-aerator system. The overall capacity of the plant increased from 600hp to 750hp. The new boiler plant supplies the campus with reliable energy-efficient steam for both heating and domestic needs, as part of the overall “Green Simmons” philosophy.

Architect: n/a
Engineer: Waldron Engineering
General Contractor: Lee Kennedy Co.