40 Erie Street/ Sidney Research Campus

BioMed Realty Trust
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Located near Kendall Square on what is known as “Research Row”, BioMed Realty Trust’s Sidney Research Campus is an emerging research campus with 341,384 SF spread over 200 Sidney Street, 40 Erie Street, and 21 Erie Street.  Originally built in 1996, the newly renovated building aims to promote a culture of innovation and collaboration for the small and mid-size biotech companies who will occupy it.  These companies are looking for less than 80,000 SF and often have a difficult time finding appropriate space in the Kendall Square area.  In the new Research Campus, laboratory and office space are divided between the three buildings, with the added bonuses of outdoor meeting areas, food trucks, gardens, a fitness center, onsite parking garage, and shuttle service on the Red Line.  Although the existing building remains in place, the entire mechanical infrastructure is brand new.  Through careful research and design, TG Gallagher prefabbed the majority of the HVAC and plumbing systems in order to adhere to the stringent timeline and allow for a swift installation. 



Architect: Arrowstreet
Engineer: AHA Consulting Engineers
General Contractor: The Richmond Group