Harvard Book Depository

Harvard University
Southborough, Massachusetts

The Harvard Book Depository is a uniquely-designed structure that stores books, documents, records, and other types of media. It is crucial for this facility to keep tight control on temperature and humidity in order to prevent paper and other archival material from deteriorating. This facility offers a specialized climate that extends the useful life of these materials by more than 200 years. The depository is comprised of separated climate controlled storage “modules,” offices, and support areas.  Based on their prior work experience at the facility, TG Gallagher was retained to manage the installation of the HVAC system for the new module as well as the modifications to the existing system.  Working in a design-assist manner, TG Gallagher worked closely with the construction team and owner to address cost constraints. Through this process a new trestle supported pipe bridge was designed for piping distribution while allowing seismic separation to be maintained. The facility's chilled water capacity was increased to 175 tons.

Architect: Russell Scott Steedle & Capone Architects, Inc.
Engineer: Exergen Corporation
General Contractor: Shawmut Design and Construction