Graduate Student Housing

Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1848, the Boston University medical school was the first institution in the world to formally educate female physicians. Located in Boston's South End neighborhood, the medical school is within walking distance to the school's institutional, clinical, and research facilities. To accommodate the pressing need for affordable student housing, the underused lot on Albany street has been transformed into a new 86,000 SF residence hall. This is the first residence facility owned and operated by Boston University on its medical campus. The nine-story high-rise contains 104 two-bedroom suites that each include a bath, kitchenette, and common living space. Continuing their multi-decade relationship with Walsh Brothers, TG Gallagher was selected to install the building’s HVAC system, and was a key partner in the project’s success. TG Gallagher worked aggressively to complete the installation of the vertical fan coil units in order for the other trades to follow. Impact to the surrounding neighborhood was minimized with a careful delivery and logistics schedule as well as a rigging plan.

Architect: Beacon Architectural Associates
Engineer: AHA
General Contractor: Walsh Brothers