TG Gallagher's Drive to Succeed Lands Us the Fenway Theater Project

Our workers at TG Gallagher understand that success doesn’t always come easily, which is why we build towards it in our planning, managing, and training.

Our drive to succeed differentiates us from our competitors.  This is one reason we were selected to work with Gilbane on their upcoming Fenway Theater Project.  Based on our past achievements in design-assist process collaborations and our strong adherence to schedule, we are thrilled to be working with Gilbane on the project.   

The Fenway Theater is a multi-purpose arts center, hosting general events, an arts center, a theater, and facilities for community meetings. This theater will drive more people to the area both on and off season.

Time management is instrumental to this project - Phase 1 needs to be completed by Opening Day 2020.  Phase 2, the opening of the theater, is scheduled to be finished in the fall of 2021.

TG Gallagher won’t be diving into these expectations without a plan. “We are exploring ways to relocate existing systems in a permanent manner instead of temporary so there is no rework to get them up and running for the deadlines. We are also exploring the possibility of a fabricated modular mechanical room so it can be built off site and ready for installation once the structure is built,” explained our project executive for this site. Our willingness to explore unique options makes us who we are today - a company driven towards success.