TG Gallagher: Incredibly Devoted to our Clients

Here at TG Gallagher, we love what we do.

We leave work with smiles on our faces knowing that each day we may have just helped make groundbreaking scientific discoveries, helped cure illnesses, or made it possible for people to thrive in their educational careers.

We take pride in what we do because we love who we do it for.

“Some of my most memorable days are my days on jobs in hospitals and schools,” says one TGG pipefitter. “Knowing that I’m directly providing comfort to people to get healthy or educated has always given me a great feeling of satisfaction.”

No matter how small or large a job seems on paper, we know the work we do is serving a higher purpose. Ultimately, it is our top priority to produce the highest quality work on every project.

“The most fulfilling part about our job is knowing that you put in an honest day’s work… and you can see your accomplishments at the end of the day,” says one TGG plumber.  

Sometimes the work we do comes full circle and we end up watching the hospital we built nurse our loved ones back to health or the school we built give our children the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Whatever the job, our devotion to our clients always shines through.

“Time flies when you’re having fun doing what you love,” says another TGG plumber.

We love what we do, not because it’s what we went to school for or what we’re good at, but because we love giving our clients the ability to work and live comfortably. We know that our job is so much more than just creating the inner workings of a building.

The work we do at TG Gallagher allows clients to make an incredible impact on the people they serve. Knowing this is what motivates us to always provide the absolute top service experience.