TG Gallagher: Building with Unquestionable Character

At TG Gallagher, we fixate our work on both its success and its impact on others. We are proud to never settle at what is being asked of us. We not only hold this standard for our teams, but instill this value into the mindset of each of our employees.

Our recent project on the Northeastern Burlington campus proves just that. We, along with Gilbane Building Company, have spent these past two years constructing both Building 5 and Elliot Hall.

Building 5, geared towards science majors and industry professionals, was a full-build core and shell fit out. This new building houses an array of laboratories with room for any expansion of the major and curriculum. Elliot hall, a building on the Burlington campus for the Department of Homeland security, underwent renovations. In addition to these renovations, we helped to build a new anechoic room, which contains drone testing areas, for the students and faculty.

Our goal with our HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection additions to these buildings was to provide those who use them with an educational and safe experience. The majority of our work was prefabricated and inspected in our climate-controlled facility, including the carriers, piping and headers, and most of the two mechanical rooms.

After we completed the sprinkler installations in Elliot Hall, our project managers went the extra mile to create a zone map for the building, which will help firefighters identify the location of a fire or emergency and defuse it more quickly. Gilbane was impressed with our organization throughout the quick-changing project and found our additions helpful for the future.

Our projects even provide a lesson to our employees on strength of character. “I learned that it’s okay to ask questions. The people around you are willing to answer and explain things to you,” explained our Assistant Project Manager for the site. “Each project is an opportunity to learn more about your role and succeed in it.”

By providing our best work, we not only give people the chance to succeed within these institutions, but also teach our employees what it truly means to have unquestionable character.