Meet Our Summer Co-Op Students!

School may be out, but these students are making this break count! Meet our 2019 summer co-op students, who have been working hard to support our team at our brand new HQ in Waltham.

Our internship program has a strict no “coffee run” policy. From day one on the job, our co-op students and interns begin acquiring hands-on industry experience and knowledge in the field of their choice, all while participating in TG Gallagher’s fun, collaborative culture.

Our company’s team of industry leaders and experts serve as mentors to the students throughout their time at TG Gallagher. The goal of the program is to mentor the next generation and convert students to full-time employment after graduation.

Here’s what this year’s team of summer co-op students had to say about their favorite part of the TG Gallagher experience:


“Everyone is very friendly, and they all do their best to make sure that we get everything we can out of our internships. They constantly keep us busy and ensure that we are learning a lot while we are here.”

- David, Assistant Project Manager Co-Op


“I love the people I work with! Everyone is so friendly and is always around to help. It’s awesome making connections in this industry.”

Lindsey, Junior Estimator


“I’ve learned a lot about what it’s like to be out in the field on a jobsite. It is a great hands-on experience because being in the classroom and hearing about it can only teach you so much.”

James, Safety Intern


“The best part is the people. Everyone is super friendly and will not hesitate to reach out and give you a hand! While working here, I have learned so much and I love the first-hand experience.”

Alexander, CAD Co-Op


“The best part of working at TG Gallagher is the atmosphere and all the positivity. It’s a great work environment and full of life.”

Amanda, Marketing Intern


“My favorite part about working at TG Gallagher is how much I have learned and continue to learn. Working at here has taught me so much, and with it, I am more prepared to go into the field I am interested in.”

Dennis, Estimating Intern


Our cooperative education/internship program is perfect for students who are hungry for a challenge, eager to expand their skill sets, and ready to make industry connections. Sound like you? We are always seeking students in fields such as Project Management, Estimating, CAD, Safety, Facilities, and Marketing. Email us at to submit your resume or to learn more.