Mark DiCristoforo, Veteran Pipefitter, Reflects on 40 Years with TG Gallagher

Mark DiCristoforo punched out for the last time today, following a remarkable 41-year career with TG Gallagher. 


Mark's first project with the company was Polaroid in Waltham, where he worked for many years. “Later, I was at the Longwood Medical Area for eight years," he says. "It was pretty interesting being able to work on all of those hospitals."


As one of the first pipefitter foremen at TG Gallagher's fabrication facility, Mark played a crucial role in getting the facility up and running and enabling our shop to grow into what it is today. Mark returned to the field to lead one last project at Wellesley College before announcing his retirement. "It’s been a long time and a good company to work for. TG Gallagher has always taken care of me," Mark says.


Mark, thank you for your decades of dedication to our company and its success. We wish you the very best of luck in your retirement!