Appreciation for our tradespeople on National Tradesmen Day

Whether we believe it or not, tradespeople are the reason why we live the way that we do. It’s no revelation that they don’t always receive the recognition that they deserve. They’re not typically the spotlight at Thanksgiving reflections and people don’t exactly pass their work zones each day with glee. Tradespeople deserve praise, though, because they do far more than meets the eye.

When we open our eyes every morning and notice the roof over our heads, heat in our homes, and water to cook with, we should think of them. Hospitals are able to function and save lives because of the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and sprinkler systems tradespeople have installed. They perform preventative maintenance checks to make sure everything is still running smoothly, avoiding emergency situations that could potentially arise in the future. When these situations do occur, they drop everything to save peoples days.

Tradespeople do all that they can to guarantee that people are satisfied (to the extent that it may as well be an acquired skill). Maybe they do it because they’ve always been passionate about the art of building, fitting, and fixing from a young age. Maybe they do it because they have a family back home to provide for. Whatever reason it may be, they always put everything before themselves and make their job their priority.

In fact, tradespeople build our companies. They create quality spaces for people to live, work, study, or play in. Businesses would be nothing without them. Tradespeople are the real working hands of our construction company, bringing the projects dreamed up by the imaginative to life. That is not all that they build.

Tradespeople build a future for our generations to come, for their kids, grand-kids, and great-grand-kids. They serve as an example for children on how to be a generous person. They didn’t ask for anything in return either. They simply want young people to shape the world as they did.

It’s not always easy. There are early mornings and long hours. There are Saturday shifts and weeknight overtimes. Sometimes, they miss moments with their families to meet project deadlines (their families know that the rest of the world needs them, though.) Tradespeople traverse through these expectations with no complaints and should know that all their work is greatly appreciated. Tradespeople are important today, tomorrow, and every single day of the year. Thank them for all that they do.